New Golf Laser Rangefinder with Pinseeker – Automatic Target Acquisition Technology –


The biggest problem with laser rangefinders is that they preferentially acquire larger objects (like trees, shrubs, houses, etc) behind the pin and provide inaccurate distance readings. This is not surprising considering a golf flag is only a mere 0.75 inches in diameter. Steadiest of hands are required to obtain accurate measurements from 150+ yards out.

Pinseeker Technology simplifies target acquisition by automatically honing in on the pin. Complex computer algorithms automatically eliminate signals from background objects and displays only the exact yardage to the pin. This rangefinder will work on any golf flag or target. A reflective prism is NOT required. This rangefinder works on any solid object (tree, bunker, hazard marker, golf cart …etc).

Summary of Features:

• Max. ranging distance: 5-400 yards (5-400m)
• Accuracy: +/- 1 yd (m)
• Measures in yards and meters
• 6x magnification
• Adjustable diopter
• Fast measurement readouts
• Automatic shut-off after 30 secs
• Super compact and Ultra lightweight – only 7 ounces and 4″ x 1.6″ x 2.7″
• Durable, impact resistant design
• Water and dust resistant
• Easy to use – simple one button operation
• Low battery indicator

Measuring Range:

• Maximum range: 400+ yards (400+ meters)
• Golf flag: 275+ yards (250 meters)

Included with your purchase

• BRAND NEW Golf Laser Rangefinder with Pinseeker Technology
• A padded case and straps, lens cleaner, user manual
• A 90-day product replacement guarantee

• A full 12-month factory warranty (if the unit fails after 90 days, we will take care of your warranty claim)
• 6-page supplementary user guide on “How to get the most out of your new laser rangefinder”
• FREE CR2 (3V) Lithium battery (a $7 value)

Returns accepted within 14 days. Buyer pays return shipping.
Totally Bamboo’s 12-Inch Square Salad Bowl with Caribbean Inlay design is not only beautiful it’s also a well-built serving piece. This spacious bowl measures 12 x 12-Inch and is 4-1/2-Inch tall. It can be used for everything from snacks to serving salad. Bowl made of Moso bamboo. Easy care; simply wash bowl by hand with warm water. Occasionally use Totally Bamboo’s Revitalizing Oil to extend life and beauty of bowl. By Totally Bamboo. In 2002 Totally Bamboo company owners, Tom & Joanne Sullivan, designed and introduced the world’s first bamboo cutting board. Their search for a lightweight, ecologically viable material to replace oak in the manufacturing of “Hollywood Chairs”, their luxury customized director’s chairs they manufacture and supply to the movie and theater industries, introduced them to bamboo. They experimented with bamboo, long known for its strength versus weight ratio and the resulting chair was much lighter and also stronger than the oak they had been using. Intrigued with using such a renewable and sustainable material, they set out to design products using their “engineered bamboo” and in doing so, developed the world’s first bamboo cutting board. Bamboo, they discovered, is harder than maple, making it perfect for a cutting surface. Not only is bamboo hard and lightweight, is it one of the fastest growing, sustainable materials on the planet. Bamboo is a grass that produces more oxygen than a hardwood forest of comparable size. For their products, Totally Bamboo uses only Moso bamboo, which is harvested after the bamboo has grown for at least 5 years – this ensures the fibers are mature, which adds to its strength and density. The Moso bamboo has an extensive root system that continually sends up new shoots, naturally replenishing itself and therefore it does not require replanting, making it one of the most renewable resources known. Moso bamboo is not a food source, nor habitat, for the Giant Panda.
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The Grace Digital Mondo Wi-Fi music player (GDI-IRC6000) is a combination Internet radio and audio media streamer that brings all the audio content of the Internet from your broadband connection to your home or office. Listen to over 17,000+ radio stations including NPR on-demand, FOX news, CNN, BBC, CBS to KROQ, over 35,000 podcast, 20,000+ On-Demand streams or your personal Pandora radio stations – Free. In addition to the ability to play all the Free music in the world, music files from your PC, Mac, NAS or USB thumb drive are also easily accessed via the bright large 3.5-Inch TFT color backlight display. The Mondo also accesses additional Free and Pay music services such as, Live 365, MP3tunes, iHeartRadio, Weatherbug and SiriusXM Internet radio. The Mondo comes with a full featured remote control with direct access Pandora thumbs up and down buttons, aux input to connect additional music sources (such as an iPhone – not included), RCA outputs, USB jack to play USB saved music on a thumb drive or connect a Grace USB to Ethernet dongle (not included) and is compatible with the free Grace remote control App for iPhone/iTouch/ iPad and Android phones. The Grace Mondo has 7 full discrete alarms to wake up to buzzer or your favorite preset. With the built in adjustable snooze bar/sleep timer wake or fall asleep to your favorite digital music. On the front of the radio there are 10 presets as well as media player buttons and direct access Pandora buttons to thumbs up/down, skip or pause Pandora music. The headset jack is conveniently located on the side. For the ultimate in portability the Grace Mondo provides a built in lithium Ion battery charger. The battery pack (sold separately) provides up to 6 hours of true portable music. Listen to all of your digital music anywhere in your home or office – with Grace.
This luxurious men’s heavy layered 14k yellow gold nugget bracelet features hinged links and a secure clasp. Each link features dozens of little gold nugget faces, connected to the next via ultra-secure polished hinges on the back. Each bracelet comes in both small, medium and long lengths for the perfect fit. Luxurious High Polish Finish. Made Locally in the USA, Not Imported. Heavy Brass Core, 14k Yellow Gold Heavy Plated. Full Replacement Warranty.